Mahdi Ghorbani
Mahdi Ghorbani
(PhD) Deakin University
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Novel ionic liquid [2-Eim] HSO 4 as a dual catalytic-solvent system for preparation of hexahydroquinolines under green conditions
M Ghorbani, S Noura, M Oftadeh, MA Zolfigol
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Preparation of neutral ionic liquid [2-Eim] OAc with dual catalytic-solvent system roles for the synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyano-7-hydroxy-4-(aryl)-4H-chromene derivatives
M Ghorbani, S Noura, M Oftadeh, MA Zolfigol, MH Soleimani, K Behbodi
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Developing New Inexpensive Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids with High Thermal Stability and a Greener Synthetic Profile
M Ghorbani, MI Simone
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Biological based (nano) gelatoric ionic liquids (NGILs): Application as catalysts in the synthesis of a substituted pyrazole via vinylogous anomeric based oxidation
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Preparation, characterization and application of novel ionic liquid as an efficient and reusable catalyst for the solvent-free synthesis of hexahydroquinolines
M Ghorbani, S Noura, M Oftadeh, M Narimani, K Behbodi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 209, 224-232, 2015
Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Cetrimonium trans-4-Hydroxy Cinnamate: Entrapment and Delivery of the Anion Inhibitor through Speciation and Micellar …
M Ghorbani, J Soto Puelles, M Forsyth, RA Catubig, L Ackland, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (22), 9886-9892, 2020
Evaluation of a novel, multi-functional inhibitor compound for prevention of biofilm formation on carbon steel in marine environments
B Tuck, E Watkin, M Forsyth, A Somers, M Ghorbani, LL Machuca
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Engineering Advanced Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors, Their Mechanisms, and Biological Effects in Live Zebrafish Embryos
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ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 10 (9), 2960-2970, 2022
Electrochemical and surface characterization study on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel 1030 by the cationic surfactant cetrimonium trans-4-hydroxy-cinnamate
J Soto Puelles, M Ghorbani, R Yunis, LL Machuca, H Terryn, M Forsyth, ...
ACS omega 6 (3), 1941-1952, 2021
Effective preparation of hexahydroquinolines under ambient and solvent-free conditions
M Ghorbani, HR Shaterian, S Noura, F Khammar, K Behbodi, B Reisi, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 204, 15-20, 2015
Thermally reversible solidification of novel ionic liquid [im] HSO 4 by self-nucleated rapid crystallization: investigations of ionic conductivity, thermal properties, and …
M Bielejewski, M Ghorbani, MA Zolfigol, J Tritt-Goc, S Noura, M Narimani, ...
RSC advances 6 (110), 108896-108907, 2016
Modelling cetrimonium micelles as 4-OH cinnamate carriers targeting a hydrated iron oxide surface
JS Puelles, M Ghorbani, S Crawford, ML Ackland, F Chen, M Forsyth, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 610, 785-795, 2022
Multifunctional inhibitor mixture for reducing bacteria growth and corrosion on marine grade steel
R Catubig, A Michalczyk, W Neil, G McAdam, J Forsyth, M Ghorbani, ...
Synthetic Routes to 3,4,5‐Trihydroxypiperidines via Stereoselective and Biocatalysed Protocols, and Strategies to N‐ and O‐Derivatisation
KL Prichard, N O'Brien, M Ghorbani, A Wood, E Barnes, A Kato, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 (48), 6830-6842, 2018
Borylated methyl cinnamates: Expedited synthesis, characterization, crystallographic analysis and biological activities in glycosidase inhibition and in cancer cells lines.
WJ Legge, Y Shimadate, M Ghorbani, J Sakoff, TA Houston, A Kato, ...
Beilstein Archives 2021 (1), 4, 2021
Structural characterisation of new ionic liquids via X-ray crystallography
M Ghorbani, PV Bernhardt, MI Simone
Journal of Molecular Liquids 319, 114091, 2020
Effect of cetrimonium carrier micelles on bacterial membranes and extracellular DNA, an in silico study
JS Puelles, M Ghorbani, B Tuck, LL Machuca, ML Ackland, F Chen, ...
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Inhibitor mixture for reducing bacteria growth and corrosion on marine steel
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NACE corrosion conference 2021, 2021
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel 1030 with cetrimonium 4 hydroxycinnamet
AES J. Puelles, M. Ghorbani, R. Yunis, M. Forsyth
Australasian Corrosion Association's Annual Conference: Corrosion and …, 2019
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