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A Selective Cation Exchange Strategy for the Synthesis of Colloidal Yb3+-Doped Chalcogenide Nanocrystals with Strong Broadband Visible Absorption and Long …
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Valence-Band Mixing Effects in the Upper-Excited-State Magneto-Optical Responses of Colloidal Mn2+-Doped CdSe Quantum Dots
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Two-dimensional higher order noise spectroscopy up to radio frequencies
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Nanoconfinement‐Controlled Synthesis of Highly Active, Multinary Nanoplatelet Catalysts from Lamellar Magic‐Sized Nanocluster Templates
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Orientation of Individual Anisotropic Nanocrystals Identified by Polarization Fingerprint
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Europium (III)/Terbium (III) mixed metal-organic frameworks and their application as a ratiometric thermometer
M Joshi, Z Wang, FM Wisser, M Riesner, R Reber, M Fischer, R Fainblat, ...
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