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Characterization of human lung tissue. Spatial expression of receptor tyrosine kinases and sprouty proteins in situ and in 3D culture
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Sjaldgćft tilfelli af vöđvabandvefsćxli međ bólgufrumuíferđ í hćgri kinnkjálka
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deltaNp63 Has a Role in Maintaining Epithelial Integrity in
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Svipgerđargreining á nýrri lungnaţekjufrumulínu til rannsókna
AJ Arason
Identification of a breast tumor with microsatellite instability in a potential carrier of the hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer trait
S Ingvarsson, JŢ Bergţórsson, J Guđmundsson, A Arason, V Egilsson
Notice 5764 X693 527
A Arason, RB Jonasdottir, JT Bergthorsson, MD Teare, DF Easton, ...
The functional role of human bronchial derived basal cells in regeneration and fibrosis
AJ Arason
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